Installing CONN (standard release, Matlab, Mac/Windows/Linux)

Step 1. Download the latest file from and unzip this file (e.g. if the original file was downloaded to /software CONN will be unzipped to /software/conn)

Step 2. Download the latest file from and unzip this file (e.g. if the original file was downloaded to /software SPM will be unzipped to /software/spm12). This step may be simply skipped if SPM is already installed on your system

Step 3. Start Matlab, click on the 'Set path' button (or type pathtool in the Matlab command-window), and then click on 'Add folder', and select your CONN installation folder (e.g. /software/conn). After this, click again on 'Add folder' and now select the SPM installation folder (e.g. /software/spm12). Click on 'Save' and 'Close' to save these changes for future Matlab sessions

After these steps, to start CONN simply type conn in the Matlab command-window

note1: installation errors may arise as a result of other toolboxes shadowing/overloading basic SPM functionality. To avoid these issues simply make sure that both CONN and SPM are the folders placed at the top of Matlab's path list

note2: if installing SPM/CONN on new Apple machines (with Apple chip M1/M2/M3, macOS Sonoma, and Matlab R2023b or newer) please make sure to install SPM latest development version (available at until changes in newer Apple machines have been incorporated into the latest SPM stable release

Installing CONN pre-compiled standalone releases

Pre-compiled standalone releases are meant for those environments without access to Matlab licenses. One common scenario, for example, may be in cluster environments without Total-Academic-Headcount or equivalent licensing agreements, where users taking advantage of CONN parallelization options may quickly deplete the pool of available Matlab licenses. Standalone releases provide access to all of the functionality of CONN standard Matlab release encapsulated in a single application (while missing some of the added flexibility and speed of the Matlab environment)