Instructions for installing CONN, including both Matlab- and standalone- releases


CONN toolbox documentation, including references and latest release manual

Source code

CONN source code (nightly development version, visit this link instead for downloading and installing CONN yearly release)


CONN extensions for task-activation or other non-connectivity analyses of fMRI data

Working with CONN in computer cluster environments

Instructions for configuring and using CONN parallelization options in distributed clusters or High Performance Computing environments

Working with CONN remotely

Instructions for configuring CONN to work with remote projects (stored in SSH-accessible servers, institution cluster environments, or cloud-based computational platforms)

CONN-users forum (@NITRC)

Users are encouraged to post any questions about CONN, bug reports, or feature requests, to the NITRC CONN forum, where they will be often answered / addressed by other users or members of the CONN team directly. 

CONN in pictures

A few example and reference images of the CONN toolbox

Citing CONN

CONN creates automated human-readable language describing in detail the methods used by CONN to process your data during preprocessing, denoising, first- and second- level analyses.  We recommend authors to include these descriptions in the Methods section of their manuscript in order to foster consistent descriptions of all methodological details necessary to replicate the analyses.