Installing CONN (pre-compiled standalone release, PC Windows 10)

Step 1. Download the file from and unzip this file 

note: to keep things organized on your machine, you may want to download and unzip this file into a new folder within the "Program Files" folder, for example in C:\Program Files\conn_standalone\

Step 2. Download and run the MCR installer file MCR_R2018b_win64_installer.exe  (Matlab Compiler Runtime R2018b (9.5) Windows release) from (also available from

note: step 2 may be simply skipped if the appropriate version of MCR (9.5) is already installed on your target machine

Step 3. After these steps, to start CONN simply double-click on the conn.exe icon 

note: standalone conn may take a notoriously long time to get started -around 10 seconds- after double-clicking on the conn.exe icon before displaying the initialization screen; please be patient

Configuration of parallelization options on a PC using a pre-compiled standalone release

If you wish to configure your multi-core Windows machine to use CONN's parallelization options, simply add the folder containing the conn.exe application to your system path. You may do so, for example, by going to the Windows system 'Edit system environment variables' menu, selecting there 'Environment variables', and then selecting 'Path' and adding there a new line listing the directory where conn.exe is stored (e.g. C:\Program Files\conn_standalone\)