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where to find help about the use of the CONN toolbox or any topics in fcMRI analyses

CONN support forum in NITRC

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NITRC - CONN support forum

Users are encouraged to post any questions about CONN, bug reports, or feature requests, to the NITRC CONN forum, where they will be answered by other users or by members of the CONN team directly. 

Help Search

In addition, a database of more than 13,000 support questions and answers from the NITRC forum is also available directly from CONN's GUI (select Help Search in top menu). This database can be searched using keywords and advanced regular expressions, and it includes links to the original NITRC CONN forum entries for follow-up questions. 

Tutorials & Courses

Last, see our Tutorials section (for self-guided learning) and our Courses section (for structured classes) to expand your knowledge and learn everything there is to know about functional connectivity analyses in CONN.