Functional Connectivity measures

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Nieto-Castanon, A. (2020). Functional Connectivity measures. In Handbook of functional connectivity Magnetic Resonance Imaging methods in CONN (pp. 26–62). Hilbert Press. doi:10.56441/hilbertpress.2207.6601

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Seed-based connectivity measures

  • Seed-Based Correlation (SBC)

  • Multivariate Seed-Based Connectivity (mSBC)

  • Weighted Seed-Based Connectivity (wSBC)

  • Generalized Psycho-Physiological Interaction (gPPI)

ROI-to-ROI connectivity measures

  • ROI-to-ROI Correlation (RRC)

  • Multivariate ROI-to-ROI Connectivity (mRRC)

  • Weighted ROI-to-ROI Connectivity (wRRC)

  • Generalized Psycho-Physiological Interaction (gPPI)

Graph measures (ROI-level)

  • Degree & Cost

  • Average minimum path distance

  • Clustering coefficient

  • Global efficiency

  • Local efficiency

  • Betweenness centrality

Network measures (voxel-level)

  • Intrinsic Connectivity (IC)

  • Global Correlation (GCOR)

  • Local Correlation (LCOR)

  • Inter-Hemispheric Correlation (IHC)

  • Multivariate Correlation (MCOR/MVPA)

  • Independent Component Analyses (ICA)

  • Principal Component Analyses (PCA)

Dynamic connectivity

  • Sliding window measures

  • Dynamic Independent Component Analyses (dyn-ICA)

Other measures

  • Amplitude of Low-Frequency Fluctuations (ALFF)

  • Fractional Amplitude of Low-Frequency Fluctuations (fALFF)