CONN in pictures

connectivity with DMN.MPFC seed

ROI-to-ROI group analysis; 3d display 8-view mosaic display

connectivity with DMN.MPFC seed

seed-to-voxel group analysis; 3d-surface 4-view row display

functional network connectivity (FNC)

ROI-to-ROI group analysis; connectome ring display

salience network ACC / PFC components

ICA group analyses; spatial component slice display

Default CONN ROI parcellation

Harvard-Oxford atlas

Default CONN network parcellation

from ICA analysis of HCP dataset (n=497)

exploring voxel-to-voxel connectivity

second-level results fc-MVPA summary display 

importing functional data

Setup.Functional display

aCompCor control of physiological and motion artifacts

denoising step display

defining first-level seed-based correlation analyses

first-level analysis display

defining SBC group-level analyses

second-level results display

identifying ICA networks

second-level results summary display 


Quality Control: (from top to bottom) QA anatomical normalization plots , QA BOLD signal carpet plots, 1000-node network FC histograms, 1000-node network FC-QC associations (bottom), violin/histogram plot of Quality Control covariates, example QC report

advanced statistical thresholding options for voxel-based analyses

voxel-level results explorer display

advanced statistical thresholding options for ROI-based analyses

ROI-level results explorer display

preparing figures for report/publication

slice display (top) and 3d display (bottom) GUIs