Workshops are organized annually by the CONN development team. They offer 5-days hands-on and highly interactive courses covering all aspects of functional connectivity analyses in CONN. These courses welcome both new and existing users, and cover basic and advanced features of CONN as well as general topics in functional connectivity analyses.

Program Administrator: Robert L. Savoy, Ph.D.

Previous workshop: Online MGH/HST Nov 22 - Dec 20 2021

Next scheduled workshop: Online MGH/HST 2022 times and dates to be determined

Visit Martinos Center courses and training programs for additional information and registration. Important note: Registrations are limited. If interested please contact Dr. Savoy to inquire about pre-registration and waiting-list options for future workshops.

Course program from spring 2021 workshop

CONN workshop spring 2021 : Online MGH/HST, April 16-May 14

CONN workshop 2019 : Martinos Center (MGH/Harvard/MIT), Boston April 29-May 3

CONN workshop 2018 : Martinos Center (MGH/Harvard/MIT), Boston April 30-May 4

CONN workshop 2017 : Martinos Center (MGH/Harvard/MIT), Boston May 1-5

CONN workshop 2016 : Martinos Center (MGH/Harvard/MIT), Boston April 6-10

CONN workshop 2015 : University of Cincinnati & Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, Cincinnati July 20-22