CONN video tutorials

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Intro to resting state functional connectivity (video 1)

Creating a project, importing functional&structural data, preprocessing

Intro to resting state functional connectivity (video 2)

Exploring preprocessing output files, Setup & Denoising steps

Intro to resting state functional connectivity (video 3)

Computing Seed-based Correlations, and displaying second-level results

CONN reference slides

Preprocessing and Quality Assurance in CONN


Setup/Denoising/SBC-analyses in CONN


Second-level analyses in CONN


Externally organized tutorials

The following materials are part of Andrew Jahn youtube channel, a popular and very useful resource for learning about processing and statistical analysis steps using any of the major neuroimaging software packages. We also highly recommend Andy's Brain book for a very extensive and educational walk through different neuroimaging topics and software packages (including SPM, FSL, AFNI, FreeSurfer, and CONN). Andrew has been kind enough to organize and share several CONN tutorials, which can be accessed from the links below (for more information about Andy's tutorials and workshops see this link)

CONN tutorials in Andy's Brain Book

If you host or organize CONN tutorials or would like to share other CONN learning materials, please let us know so that they can be listed here