CONN cache help


  conn_cache manages local cache & server drives   commands:    filename_local=conn_cache('pull',filename_remote)           : copies file from remote storage to local cache (note:                                                                   filename_remote should include the FULL path to the file)    filename_local=conn_cache('new',filename_remote)            : creates local cache for a yet-to-be-created file in remote                                                                   storage (note: file in remote storage will only be created                                                                   after a push)    conn_cache('push',filename_remote)                          : copies file from local cache to remote storage    conn_cache('pushall')                                       : copies all files in local cache to remote storage        conn_cache                                                  : initializes CONN drive (clear all memory and cached files)    conn_cache('setlocal', folder_local)                        : defines local cache folder (default: ~/.conn_cache)    conn_cache('rename',filename1_remote,filename2_remote)      : reassigns remote storage target of file "filename1_remote"                                                                   to "filename2_remote"    conn_cache('sethash',method)                                : defines algorithm used to identify file-changes ('md5'                                                                   or 'timestamp'; see "help conn_tcpip") 
    note: conn_cache accepts /CONNSERVER/[filepath] nomenclature for remote files in conn_server machine, e.g.      conn_cache('pull','/Volumes/usb-disk/data/myfile.nii')    pulls file from the /data folder within the Volumes/usb-disk drive      conn_cache('pull','/CONNSERVER/data/myfile.nii')          pulls file from the /data folder within the machine running conn_server