CONN jobmanager help


   manages parallelization options in CONN
    conn_jobmanager;        launches GUI displaying pending jobs (in currently open project, or alternatively in current directory)     conn_jobmanager all;      launches GUI displaying finished or pending jobs     conn_jobmanager settings;      launches GUI display configuration settings 


    conn_jobmanager report;      if there is a pending job, displays status of each of the individual nodes in this job     conn_jobmanager restartif error;      if there is a pending job, resubmits any nodes with status label "error"      Other valid status labels are: 'finished','finishing','running','submitted','canceled','stopping','stopped','queued','error','failed','crashed'     conn_jobmanager cancelif error;      if there is a pending job, cancels any nodes with status label "error"      Other valid status labels are: 'finished','finishing','running','submitted','canceled','stopping','stopped','queued','error','failed','crashed'     conn_jobmanager finish;      if there is a pending job and all of its nodes have either finished or have been canceled, merges this job results with its parent conn project     conn_jobmanager cancel;      if there is a pending job, cancels all unfinished nodes and then finishes this job     conn_jobmanager delete;      if there is a pending job, stop all nodes and delete this job 


    conn_jobmanager profiles      lists available configuration profile names (by default: Grid Engine, Slurm, PBS, LSF, Condor, Background process)     conn_jobmanager save all|current      saves current profile settings for all users or for current user only     conn_jobmanager test      tests configuration profile     conn_jobmanager setdefault PROFILENAME [save all|current]      sets default configuration profile to PROFILENAME     conn_jobmanager options FIELDNAME FIELDVALUE [save all|current];      modifies individual settings in current profile      e.g. conn_jobmanager options cmd_submitoptions '-l h_rt=48:00:00';      valid FIELDNAMES are:             name                        : profile name            comments                    : profile comments/label            cmd_submit                  : command used to submit a job            cmd_deletejob               : command used to delete a job            cmd_checkstatus             : command used to check a job's status            cmd_submitoptions           : in-line optional arguments (in OPT parameter within cmd_submit)            cmd_submitoptions_infile    : in-file optional arguments (in submitted script)            cmd_rundeployed             : nodes use pre-compiled CONN only            cmd_deployedfile            : pre-compiled CONN executable location (fullpath)            cmd_checkstatus_automatic   : check job-status automatically            cmd_submit_delay            : delay time (in seconds) between multiple submit commands            cmd_submitoptions_example   : example of submit options

see also: description of cluster/HPC configuration options in CONN