association file

An association file (*.cat) defines the functional runs that should be included in a first-level model/analysis, and the design information files characterizing the timing information during these functional runs

These files can be stored in [.cfg] or [.json] format.

Association files may have a combination of the following fields:

#runs : list of runs/sessions to include in the model

enter relative run/session numbers (indexes to subset of functional runs identified in the #functionals field of a subject definition file)

default: all sessions identified in the #functionals field of a subject data.cfg file

alternatively, use fieldname #abs_runs or #dicom_runs to specify absolute dicom run/session numbers, or #rel_runs or #runs to specify relative run/session numbers

#files : list of design-information files

enter one *.para file for each run listed in #runs field

enter full path to files, relative paths are interpreted as relative to root.tasks (or to the #path field below if specified

#path : (optional) absolute path to files in #files field

example association file

% functional runs included in tasksAB experiment




% experimental designs used in these runs